NRM supporters in Rukungiri fight over Museveni’s money

NRM supporters from Rukungiri district under their Umbrella “Boona Bageigahare Nyekundire group” have predicted NRM might not win any position in the district if the current conflicts among the district NRM leaders are not resolved.

The conflicts stem from the Shs 5 billions of that was donated to 110 groups of NRM supporters by President Museveni in August last year.

The money was to help capitalise business ventures undertaken by these groups.

Some supporters want State House to investigate claims that local NRM leaders stole this money.

However some of the leaders have denied the claims.

Martin Mugabe, the former RDC for Rukungiri and one of the leaders said the accusations were baseless.

Mugabe said some of the people making these claims are FDC moles who have contributed to the downfall of NRM in the district.

The “Boona Bageigahare nyekundire group” has reportedly used some of the money to purchase farming inputs like onions, beans, mattresses, hoes among others which they say they have given out to members.

But some people say the group has been extorting money from people who want to benefit from these services.


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