Brainchild targets tourism sector in its third edition of Innovation series

Speaking at the function, Walter Wafula, the business unit head in charge of public relations told journalists that this year’s edition will focus on harnessing new technology to improve the tourism and hospitality sector.

“Because the tourism sector is the leading foreign exchange for Uganda, there needs a lot of efforts to improve the sector and see revenues increase,”Wafula told journalists.

He explained that through the third edition of innovation series, the would be seeking for innovations that would help transform the sector through new and cost- effective ways of delivering products and services that would in turn affect growth of the sector.

Uganda earned shs.1.4 billion from tourism which equates to 10 percent of the country’s GDP in 2017 and the sector has seen a steady growth of earnings to the county since 2007.

The country projects to rake shs9.4 trillion a year by 2020 from tourism which has proved to be the country’s leading foreign exchange earner for three successive years.

According to officials from Brainchild, during their third edition of the innovation series, they would create platform for people to come together and discuss ways on how to lift the tourism sector as the country seeks to achieve the 2020 dream.

“We want to focus on driving innovation and creativity in the tourism sector,”Wafula said.

Roke Telkom’s Third party Account Manager Alex Bazirake said that because technology evolves so fast, there is need for Ugandans to also tap into the evolvement for the development of the sector.

“There is need to see how ICT platforms can help spur growth of the tourism sector. In the past, one had to rely on magazines to find out which places to tour but with the era of internet and social media, they now just open google and find out where to go,”Bazirake said.

“By building the ICT sector and making use of it, we can grow the tourism sector and the clients the tourist attractions get do their own marketing.”

He says because of innovation, tourists take photos of the various sites and on posting on internet, various people can be persuaded to flock into the country for tourism.

The third Brainchild Innovation Series to be held on March 7 will focus on the theme; ‘Game Changing Creativity; The road to Hyper Growth in Hospitality.’

Innovation Series is a set of thought leadership events aimed at promoting innovation in business through thought –provoking discussions on new and cost-effective ways of delivering products.

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