Salvado scared for his health

Salvado scared for his health

A few days ago, Patrick Salvado Idringi took to his social media and gave us quite a jolt.

In his post, the comedian and radio presenter said sleep had eluded him and that he was not the type to be scared into making life changing decisions but whatever was bothering him had gotten to him.

This also had us worried and because we have him on speed dial, we couldn’t help but ask. We were, however, a little disappointed to learn that all this was because he had started to lose weight.

“Man I need to lose weight and on that note, I have started with dancing lessons,” Salvado told us. Eyeroll, right?

The ‘Africa laughs’ proprietor also added in the post that he needed to prioritise his health and he made this decision after visiting his mum. Whatever transpired there, he refused to fill us in.

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