Kapa Cat shoots self in foot

Kapa Cat shoots self in foot

We anticipated Kapa Cat to be one of the artistes to watch out for this year and if it wasn’t for Covid-19, perhaps she would be on top of her game but let us not dwell on that for now because she is not the only one who suffered during this crisis.

She, however, blew up a chance to get some money during this lockdown after she breached a contract with Club Beats.

According to a reliable source who preferred anonymity, Kapa Cat came four hours late during the shoot of the event and when they decided to pardon her for that, she also did not perform to expectation.

It is on this note that they switched her for Zex Bilanjilanji of the “Ratata” fame and that is why we saw him perform alongside A Pass at the last edition of the event.

We couldn’t get Kapa Cat’s version of the story as her known phone was off during filing of this story.

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