Inside Diamond and his rich Rwandese bae grand wedding plans

Inside Diamond and his rich Rwandese bae grand wedding plans

Lately, on his social media, Tanzanian heartthrob Diamond Platnumz has been dropping hints of his intentions to walk down the aisle and if all goes as planned, the father of five, will be a married man by end of this year.

Last month during a show in Dodoma, Diamond told the crowd that he is seeing someone whom he intends to marry by the time he is celebrating his 31st birthday. This was just five months after he split with his Kenyan bea Tanasha Donna.

This website has exclusively learnt that plans for dowry payment and wedding arrangements have been finalised with everything being done in uttermost secrecy.

Former Dar es Salaam regional commander Paul Makonda, who is close to Diamond’s family, has been tasked to lead the dowry negotiations while Wasafi Events and Diamond Lifestyle Manager, Hellen Kazimoto is in charge of the wedding plans.

On this one, Diamond plans to pull a huge surprise to his fans.

But who is he set to marry?

“Diamond, this trip he has and is not a joke. Kampata from Rwanda comes from a really rich family. She comes from a filthy rich family with investments in Rwanda and overseas. The two have been seeing each other for about six months now,” a highly placed source privy to the developments told this writer.


The source also revealed that a private Muslim wedding could be held this month or September then come October Diamond will make it public.

“This girl is a Muslim so in August or September the Islamic marriage will be solemnized and it will be very private, it will involve only family members and close friends and then the ceremony itself is planned to be a bong of surprise will happen on October 02 on his 31st birthday,” our source said.

Over the weekend, during Diamond’s elder sister Esma Khan wedding party, Makonda, who was in attendance, confirmed of the dowry negotiation developments when he was given a chance to speak.

“Mama (Mama Dangote) you gave me a job and that job is not easy it is hard but I assure you this month in August, we are going to give a Diamond dowry. We have agreed, we have agreed with the wife whom I have seen. Not those who say ‘they’ a-a-ah. I saw him and passed him. So Esma has paved the way for us,” Makonda said.

“I am confident this eighth month we are completing it. We had a plan to make things go faster but we said after the election of Dr Magufuli for the second term then we will have a wedding ceremony but this month (August) we are going to give a dowry,” Makonda added.

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